2.24.2010 | We are building our dedicated web site for Food for the Soul. Feel free to visit it now for more great ways to give and receive.

2.23.2010 | With such a great response to our Christmas food drive we are moving forward with the plan for our next couple of events. Please check back often for updates and ways to get involved.

12.18.2009 | Our food drive was a complete success! Read up on the details to your right or on our events page!

12.11.2009 | Students and their families are helping students! We received a $575 donation today from 5th and 6th graders of the Fellow Christian Students group. The group of 80-100 students each donated $5 to help other middle school students this holiday season. Thank you!

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Our mission is to teach the word of God through cooking, real life testimonies, and practical solutions to the problems we face in today's economy. Our work will be God's desire to deliver His people from hunger, poverty, unemployment, unbelief, health issues and any stronghold that the enemy tries to destroy us with.We will encourage a generation to be prepared in every way: mentally, spiritually and physically for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.We will sprinkle the seasoning of life in to the hearts and homes of His children!

Food for the Soul now has its own web site! Please visit for a more in-depth look at our charitable food drives, events and causes.

Previous Events Snapshot

12.17.2009 - What a successful food drive!

At the last minute, many local business and charitable groups jumped in and we were able to purchase all of the food we needed to feed all 560 families for the entire 2 and 1/2 week Christmas break! We even have extra food that will be given out to more families in need. What an amazing event! All we can say is WOW and THANK YOU!!!

With the help of local volunteers, churches, students and teachers we were able to prep all 2,000+ grocery bags with the food purchased and donated in preparation for our give away. It was truly God's work!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, volunteered and sent their prayers! We will post pictures of the event as soon as they are available.

The total donation value was beyond our expectations! We received everything we needed and everyone will be fed for a long, long time!
Updated 12/18/2009 @ 12:42pm cst

Check out our events section for a photo slideshow of the event and more information!


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